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The Shape Classics

The Shape


The SHAPE Collection is made up of both earrings and necklaces and shares the same philosophy as the IN LEBOLE collections. The brand matches low cost mass production with the languages of art, fashion and culture.

The Shape profiles are embroidered and then stuffed to give them a three-dimensional form. They are transformed into Fashion Jewels by being set in gold galvanised brass with natural coloured stones that match the tones of the embroidery threads. The polyester threads used are resistant to abrasions, folds, heat, humidity and dirt.

The original “Good Luck” theme that started out with the “Good Luck Horn” now also includes the Four Leafed Cover, the Frog, the Black Cat and the Ladybird. To expand the line, we also began to embroider a “Family” theme with Baby Bear, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Little Bird and Baby Elephants in two colours. We couldn’t complete the line without a “Love” theme with the words “I Love You” and 5 coloured hearts like the social network emoticons. Each colour has a different meaning:

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