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The Ribbon Classics

The Ribbon

The new collection The Ribbon arrives in the IN Lebole family.

The collection, as the word itself says, is composed of a Nastro, a thin strip of flexible material woven in a loom. The threads used in the weaving are made of polyester and therefore resistant to abrasion, creases, heat and not absorbing moisture they become impermeable and resistant to dirt. The natural stones used are combined with the threads used to weave them.

We wanted to use a ribbon to symbolize various functions: structural, decorative and symbolic. In fact the ribbon binds, closes, holds or simply decorates. The ribbon forms cockades, carries medals, with particular colors and designs indicates the degrees on military uniforms and is cut during the inaugurations.

The woven designs in our ribbons are two: the classic LOVE writing on colored bases and the "Toile de Jouy" motif that reproduces the French fabrics of the eighteenth century.

The brand manages to combine industrial production again with bijoux, art, fashion and culture.


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