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The Tag Small

The Tag

The Tag collection of earrings and necklaces is made with the same philosophy as The Circle collection: industrial production meets art, fashion and culture through the label.

In The Tag collection, clothes labels become jewels, uncovering the world of creativity behind those few centimetres of fabric. Embroidered labels used as “signatures” on fashion creations, used for the first time by Charles Frederick Worth, led to the birth of Haute Couture. Worth was the first great couturier. Originally English but active in Paris in the 1800s, he not only imposed his own personal style on the clothes he created, he also invented two distinct features of high fashion: the use of labels to make his clothes recognisable and the use of the model.

The Tag is a collection that speaks of fashion and industrial production. Embroidered labels are transformed into jewels by being set in gold galvanised brass with natural coloured stones. The embroidered patterns in the first collection are “New York Art Deco” and “Logati di Milano”.


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