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The Circle

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The earrings of the new The Circle collection are made with flat capsules printed on tinplate, mounted in gold galvanized brass and natural stones. The asymmetry is given by the different images imprinted...

The Tag

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The Tag collection of earrings and necklaces is made with the same philosophy as The Circle collection: industrial production meets art, fashion and culture through the label.In The Tag collection, clothes...

The Shape

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 The SHAPE Collection is made up of both earrings and necklaces and shares the same philosophy as the IN LEBOLE collections. The brand matches low cost mass production with the languages of art, fashion...

The Stone

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The single earring collection was created to give the possibility to create two more pairs of earrings with a single earring purchased. All mono earrings are composed of natural stones and gold galvanized...

The Ribbon

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The new collection The Ribbon arrives in the IN Lebole family.The collection, as the word itself says, is composed of a Nastro, a thin strip of flexible material woven in a loom. The threads used in the...

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