The key lies in the two letters “IN”.

A simple preposition placed in front of a well-known name like Lebole recalls a story from the 1960s, when the fame of the male clothing brand lay in the magical phrase “I have a soft spot for a man dressed In Lebole”. Today that “soft spot” is for beautiful objects that seduce in the most natural way in the world, proved by the success of the Lebole earrings and necklaces. The Lebole jewels are unique articles for real jewellery lovers, each different from the next and all made in silver or bronze galvanised gold with natural stones. Each pair of earrings has a story to tell, often a legend, and each is exclusively Made in Italy.

In Lebole is a new line whose philosophy is that of the brand that knows how to bring together mass production and culture. The line comes out of the need for an easily replicated product aimed at a contemporary audience charmed by the brand’s ideas and images. These are parallel collections that interpret the same concept of aesthetic research and sensitivity to materials.

Everything started with a lot of champagne capsules produced to an exclusive design by a specialised company that works for wine houses all over the world.

Thanks to the accessible prices, the first collection, The Circle, won over consumers excited about fashion but careful about how they spend. An innumerable variety of images are printed on flat, thin and very light-weight medallions with new ones continually in production: Dogs, cats, nature, flowers, love eyes, fairy tales, art works, signs of the zodiac, as well as good luck charms like the horn, the lady bird and the four-leafed clover; and tourist attractions like Rome, Florence and other sites. An infinity of images has already been released and many more are in the pipeline.

The Tag is a new format that turns clothes labels into jewels. There is a whole world to discover in the creativity that lies behind those one or two centimetres of cloth. This collection echoes the fashion world and the mass production of thousands of articles with unlimited numbers and kinds produced. The shapes change too: from the Art Deco patterns of New York to the spotted patterns of Paris.

Lebole Gioielli and In Lebole. From High Fashion to Pret-a-Porter. Two distinct lines tied to the same brand. The hands and minds are the same; they express themselves together, giving life to something unique.